Farming, for a considerable length of time, had been connected with the creation of essential nourishment crops. Agribusiness and cultivation were synonymous insofar as agriculture was not commercialised. Be that as it may, with rapid economic growth, numerous different occupations integrated with agriculture and are now acknowledged as a part of the agriculture industry.

Currently, apart from farming, agriculture incorporates agroforestry, fruit cultivation, dairy, poultry, beekeeping, and so forth.

Thus, modern agriculture alludes to the manufacture, processing, advertising and supply of crops and livestock. It is only fair to say that agriculture assumes a key role in the development process of an economy. It is the very foundation of a nation’s fiscal framework. Farming gives nourishment and crude material along with creating a host of job opportunities for numerous unemployed individuals. If we go by the past record, it has regularly made a noteworthy contribution to the economic welfare of developed nations and likewise, has had a major hand in stabilising the economies of underdeveloped nations.

Having said that, many nations, especially the ones with growing economies, are usually occupied with the procedure of industrial advancement. However, they eventually learn the drawbacks of focusing solely on industrialisation as a way to achieve higher per capita real income. The truth is that industrial and agricultural growth, although dissimilar in their very essence, are complementary and are mutually beneficial in terms of financial returns.

Expanded agrarian yield and efficiency have a tendency to contribute considerably to fortifying the economy of a nation in different ways. It offers food and raw material to non-agricultural divisions of the economy and accounts for increased demand for products manufactured in same. It also earns valuable foreign exchange via the international trading of agricultural products

Therefore, it will be logical and fitting for any nation to concentrate more on the further advancement of the agricultural segment.

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